For choice in education

Before agreeing to spend millions on education, concessions need to be made regarding school choice.

SATJ: Great Smirks Through History

Smirks, 2019 General Assembly Before Crossover, and Virginia Heritage.

Stephen Haner – Tax Conformity and Reform in Virginia

Explaining what federal tax reform means for Virginia and how this session of the General Assembly needs to ensure conformity is Stephen Haner, senior fellow with the Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy.

Victoria Cobb – Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) Explained

Returning to the podcast to explain the Equal Rights Amendment and its ramifications is Victoria Cobb, President of The Family Foundation.

A Tale of Two Amendments

The Virginia General Assembly has reconvened in Richmond, and the longest continuously serving democratically elected legislature presses on. In its…

Brian Cannon, One Virginia 2021

Virginia has a chance to begin to end overtly partisan redistricting this General Assembly session. Brian Cannon explains.

Top Political Stories to Follow in 2019

From federal to local, plenty of important topics happening this year. Let me know the big stories that you’ll be tracking in the comments!

Want Peace On Earth? Stop Tailgaiting!

With a little nod to physics and a deep breath, I bet we can solve many of the world’s problems!

Craig DiSesa – Looking Back at 2018 in Virginia Politics and Previewing 2019

For Senate Republicans, holding onto the majority is going to be the priority – and challenge – in 2019.

Bush 41 Marked the End of a GOP Era

George Herbert Walker Bush was the beginning of the end of the Republican Party as it was once known and the beginning of its war with the press.