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Tina Ramirez

This week’s guest is Tina Ramirez, a candidate seeking the GOP nod in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District and hoping to defeat...

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Denver Riggleman Returns

Congressman Denver Riggleman describes his campaign to be renominated and reelected to Congress. We also talk about his work to support the economy during this pandemic.

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Jack Wilson Returns

Jack Wilson, chairman, Republican Party of Virginia, provides the state of the party. Norm and J.R. talk about re-opening Virginia.

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Sidney Powell

Sidney Powell, attorney for former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, comes on the show to discuss prosecutorial abuse and her new book “The Conviction Machine.”

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Scott Lingamfelter Returns

Scott Lingamfelter discusses his book “Desert Redleg” and Virginia’s current political climate. Norm Leahy and I talk about the opening hours of the reconvene session.

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Daniel Gade

Daniel Gade joins the podcast to discuss his campaign for U.S. Senate. Gade, a scholar, professor, war veteran, public servant, father,...

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