Category: The J.R. Hoeft Show

Scott Lingamfelter, author, "Desert Redleg"

Scott Lingamfelter Returns

Scott Lingamfelter discusses his book “Desert Redleg” and Virginia’s current political climate. Norm Leahy and I talk about the opening hours of the reconvene session.

Daniel Gade

Daniel Gade joins the podcast to discuss his campaign for U.S. Senate. Gade, a scholar, professor, war veteran, public servant,…

Liz Mair

Norm and J.R. talk changing budgets and changing elections. Liz Mair discusses the importance of free speech.

Eric Wilson, digittal communications strategist

Voting Absentee During COVID-19; Interview with Eric Wilson

Norm and J.R. discuss absentee voting during the age of coronavirus. Eric Wilson talks online campaigns and “Build and Grow RPV.”

Shaun Flanagan, Legatum Institute

Shaun Flanagan: U.S. Prosperity Index

Norm and J.R. discuss Virginia’s continuing response to the Coronavirus. J.R. interviews Shaun Flanagan of the Legatum Institue about U.S. and Virginia prosperity.

Garren Shipley

Norm and J.R. talk COVID and the Senate GOP’s call for a special session. J.R. interviews House GOP spokesperson, Garren Shipley,

Michael Petrilli: How to Educate an American

Norm and J.R. on the 2020 General Assembly and Super Tuesday. J.R. interviews Michael Petrilli on his book.

Phil Kerpen

Some bandwidth for WiFi has been set aside for exclusive use in cars. It hasn’t been actively used for 20 years. Kerpen argues it’s time to open it to the public.

Dr. Carole Adams

First principles and faith in education.

Del. Rob Bell talks race relations, good governance, and Fairfax hearings

Recapping a wild General Assembly session with the Chairman of the Courts of Justice committee.