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Our Lesson from John McCain

John McCain’s passing has offered an opportunity for everyone who is paying attention or participating in politics to take a step back and perhaps reassess the tone and tenor of our conversations.

Taylor’s Unforced Error

The conversation in Virginia’s 2nd District Congressional Campaign is anything but federal policy. And it’s the voters who will suffer.

In our Declaration, the past speaks to America’s present

We debate issues today as if they’re new. Read the Declaration of Independence again and you’ll see very similar concerns.

Offshore resources are worthy of exploration

Simply denying to even explore what the ocean has to offer for energy production does us all a disservice.

No, For Real – The 2018 Virginia U.S. Senate GOP Primary Really Is a Once in a Generation Election

On Tuesday, June 12, voters across the Commonwealth will have the opportunity to participate in an anomaly: a primary to choose a nominee for a U.S. Senate seat that does not involve an incumbent in that particular primary race. There have only been five U.S. Senate primaries since 1970 – two for the Republicans and three for the Democrats and only two have had candidates not involving an incumbent and only one was not head-to-head.

Sessoms’ Resignation Gives Beach GOP a Chance to Apply a Lesson Learned

The Virginia Beach GOP – particularly those who are conservative – need to come to a consensus quickly in the upcoming mayoral race lest they find themselves anchored with Sessoms II.