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Want Peace On Earth? Stop Tailgaiting!

With a little nod to physics and a deep breath, I bet we can solve many of the world’s problems!

Bush 41 Marked the End of a GOP Era

George Herbert Walker Bush was the beginning of the end of the Republican Party as it was once known and the beginning of its war with the press.

Toward Zero Deaths Virginia

This PR campaign involves the expertise of no less than five state agencies and the best they could dream up was “TZDVA”?

Thomas Jefferson Institute Proposes Tax Reform

Virginia think-tank suggests doubling personal standard deduction and cutting corporate rates.

Plenty of Reasons to Be Thankful

From the First Amendment to celebrating our differences, writing and podcasting offers many things be grateful for.

Wake-Up Republicans – It’s “Morning in America”, but You Wouldn’t Know It

The 2018 election represents an opportunity for conservatives to get back to basics.

You Get the Government You Deserve

Voting is a right, but it is also a responsibility. Serious people should be running for office, but they can only be held accountable by serious voters.

Redistricting always is a political process — on each and every side

Redistricting is as old as the United States and it has always been political. It always will be. Virginia is no different.

It’s not the economy, stupid

Voters are not planning to vote their pocketbook – at least that’s what they’re saying today.

Luria Leads Taylor in Internal Poll; Republican Enthusiasm Depressed

Over-confidence and self-inflicted wounds make the 2nd District look as if it’s favoring the Democrat.