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Throwing Stones Only Breaks Glass

Activism, when taking a contrarian approach, will not work when trying to encourage societal change.

Power down for a bit

For a more sane America, take a break from your devices and your echo-chamber.

Special Session Not So Special – Or Necessary

It should be obvious what the nature of any “special” session is. It is not routine. It is extraordinary and necessary.

Balancing safety and liberty

Laws are meant to act as a curb on bad behavior and expand freedom for the many, not the few.

Why did Northam and Herring vote for plan they now oppose?

If Virginia’s 2011 House of Delegates’ district lines are considered to be racial gerrymandering,don’t forget Mark Herring and Ralph Northam voted for them.

In the wake of the mass shooting in Virginia Beach, seeking answers to evil

Some might believe the killer was driven to act or blame the incident on firearms, but evil caused the deaths of so many innocent in Virginia Beach. Yet, there was light.


It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally the publisher assigns a topic. Given that this past weekend was Armed Services Weekend…

Live for Life

The political argument and what is reported in the news regarding abortion is, in a word, heartbreaking. This topic tends…

Monopoly – A Life Lesson

From setting your kids up for success, ownership, to random socialism – Monopoly has it all.

Virginia is for Lovers of Free Speech, not Lawbreakers

We have our disagreements as Virginians, we don’t need folks from out-of-state breaking our laws and making it worse.