After a Storm: Community, Patience, & Gratitude

People will show tremendous care, compassion, and love for one another in these next few days. And people are resilient. For that, we should all be grateful

Thomas Oh

Oh seeks to replace Beyer in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District

Jason Bedrick

Jason Bedrick is Director of Policy for EdChoice, a non-profit that educates and advocates about School Choice initiatives.

Tone & Tenor, Background Investigations, and Drawing Lines

Norm Leahy and J.R. Hoeft talk this week’s news, including lessons from John McCain, background investigations, Federal employee wage freezes and looking into redrawing Virginia’s House of Delegates lines.

Our Lesson from John McCain

John McCain’s passing has offered an opportunity for everyone who is paying attention or participating in politics to take a step back and perhaps reassess the tone and tenor of our conversations.

Chuck Smith

The Virginia Beach Republican wants to be fairly considered before the Virginia state party decides its next chairman Sept. 8.

Will the Manafort and Cohen Convictions Hurt Virginia Congressional Republicans?

Convictions, impeachment, polls, and school funding on this week’s “Shouting Along The James.”

Jack Wilson

The next chairman of the Virginia GOP introduces himself and talks about the party’s near and long-term future.

Taylor’s Unforced Error

The conversation in Virginia’s 2nd District Congressional Campaign is anything but federal policy. And it’s the voters who will suffer.