Meagan LoBuglio, Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Regional Program Manager (Southwest)

Meagan LoBuglio, Regional Program Manager, Southwest Region, Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Program joins the show to celebrate Veterans’ Day with us, as well as to explain the great work being done by V3 throughout the state.

LuBuglio, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, not only explains the V3 Program and its importance, but she also uses her personal story to explain some of the great traits most veterans have making them strong candidates for potential employers.

Some of the topics we discuss during the podcast include:

  • The difference between Veterans’ Day and Memorial Day
  • Making the decision to leave military service
  • The V3 Program and how it relates to the Department of Veterans’ Services
  • How companies work with the V3 program, what it means to become a V3 certified company, and where these companies are located
  • The makeup of the veteran population and how V3 is helping break stereotypes about veterans (ex. PTSD, suicidal ideations, extremist activity, etc.)
  • How V3 supports veterans and military spouses, as well as a description of the V3 Transition Program
  • The impact of COVID-19 on the program and lessons learned from it
  • The economic development of Roanoke and southwest Virginia, including job opportunities and new companies in the region

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