John McGlothlin – How to Deal with Damn Near Anything

Episode 94 of The J.R. Hoeft Show welcomes John McGlothlin, author of “How to Deal with Damn Near Anything – The Paratrooper’s Guide to Life.”

McGlothlin, an attorney – and veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – shares his insights gained while serving as an Army paratrooper and his research to share with us five inner traits essential to facing any challenge. In his book, he examines each trait in detail: what they mean, how they fit together, how to build them, and why being a paratrooper offers a unique perspective on doing so. And we look at each in the course of this podcast.

“This is a book about the traits that determine how prepared we are for life’s inevitable challenges and how to avoid adding to those challenges unnecessarily,” he writes.

According to McGlothlin, you don’t have to enlist to learn these traits–you just have to embrace the right mix of practical thinking, honesty, and a desire to improve.

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