Amber Northern + Daniel Gade Extra

Episode 87 of the podcast is jam-packed with a newsmaker interview with Daniel Gade, fresh off his nomination win; Norm Leahy, columnist with The Washington Post, and I discuss in “Shouting Along the James” the recent nomination contests from around the state; and Amber Northern of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute describes the correlation between where you live, your education, and income.

Also, Norm focuses his column this week on Terry McAuliffe’s now unlikely second term and Mark Herring’s regrets about not running for governor when he had the chance in 2017. State Sen. Jennifer McClellan and Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy may have spiked both their dreams. Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax likely isn’t even a factor.

Read Norm’s Comlumn: Terry McAuliffe may not see a second term

Amber Northern gives a great interview detailing why incomes deviate based on education in Virginia. You need to check out their specific info on the commonwealth. There are differences between how NoVA, Richmond, and Hampton Roads relate to advanced education. Her interview begins at the 33:00 mark and lasts for the remainder of the podcast.


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