Jack Wilson Returns

Jack Wilson, chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia. On this show, Jack explains how the reaction to the pandemic has affected the party and how they have been managing to accomplish party business; the impact on campaigns and elections in this era of the virus; the prospects for the GOP’s congressional candidates; online fundraising; and much more!

“I think our candidates for congress, as well as for the United States Senate, really need to run on the ticket with President Trump. In the past, we sort of had candidates run away from the president and it didn’t really bode well for them. So, I think this is the year that it is going to have to be unified, top-to-bottom; we’re all on the same team; we all have to re-elect the president…[You are] seeing the president’s popularity in Virginia going up and you got Mark Warner who voted to impeach and convict. And, so, that impeachment vote – while not now with all the COVID-19 stuff going on – that impeachment vote will come back front and center in the fall election cycle. I have no doubt.”

Norm Leahy and I look at the governor’s plan to reopen Virginia and the prospects of three straight years of House of Delegates elections (2021-2023). Norm, columnist with The Washington Post, wrote this week about reopening:

There’s plenty of reason to believe in the optimistic case. Virginia has overcome revolution, civil war, depressions, panics and pandemics before. It won’t be different this time.But expecting a quick, easy, painless rebound to life as it was back in early March is foolish.

The question we need to ask isn’t when the gym will be open or the school will be back in session. It’s what sort of Virginia emerges from the long, difficult process that lies ahead.


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