Sidney Powell

Sidney Powell (Licensed to Lie) is known today as being the dynamic attorney for Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, former DIA director during the Obama Administration and former National Security Adviser for President Donald Trump. Powell joins the podcast to discuss her book, co-authored with Harvey Silverglate (Three Felonies a Day). You will be amazed at what you don’t know prosecutors can do to you after reading this book.

Norm Leahy and I look at two recent court cases in Virginia – one affecting one’s right to practice the use of firearms and the other the ability to get physically fit, purportedly to fight off viruses. Both cases challenge the governor’s authority to pick and choose who gets to work and who doesn’t during a pandemic. Norm, columnist with The Washington Post, gives us some great insight into the 1918 Pandemic.

From the interview Powell:

Jim: Shouldn’t there be rules or regulations against the FBI doing this? Isn’t this somewhat like police entrapment?

Sidney: Yes – it’s worse than that. It was a setup and a frame job. There was no crime, they made it all up. And if anyone wants to look at some of the actual documents then can find them on my website There’s a page of the Flynn Briefing and we attach a lot of emails and information that demonstrates what we’re talking about. It’s absolutely outrageous what the government has done to Gen. Flynn.

During the interview with Sidney, she and I discuss:

  • Why being a prosecutor is important and having a focus on seeking justice is the primary goal/li>
  • Why two decades ago marks a shift in when prosecutors went from simply upholding the law to desiring convictions/li>
  • Why does the FBI discourage recording of witness/suspect interview, including by the FBI/li>
  • Explaining the “False Statements Statute” and how it’s very easy to violate, perhaps even entrap, suspects/li>
  • How Grand Juries can be manipulated by prosecutors to bring an indictment and how they have evolved from the original Constitutional meaning/li>
  • What is “The Brady Rule” and how does it apply to exculpatory evidence/li>
  • 5k+ federal criminal statues and 300k+ federal regulations with criminal penalties – how that leads most of us to commit “Three Felonies Per Day”/li>
  • The concept of “mens rea” (guilty mind), general intent v. specific intent, and prosecutorial manipulation/li>
  • 95 percent of all “guilty” verdicts come from plea agreements and why/li>
  • Why reforming is important and how there is little danger of the pendulum swinging too far/li>
  • The chances of reform in today’s political environment, why Congress is intimidated by the Justice Department, and President Trump’s Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice/li>
  • The entrapment of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, USA, ret. and the case going forward


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