Scott Lingamfelter Returns

Scott Lingamfelter has been a colonel in the Army, state delegate, and, now, author, of “Desert Redleg” – a compelling first-hand account on his observations as an artilleryman during the Gulf War. He rejoins the podcast to discuss the book, as well as the unique circumstances we find ourselves with state government and the Republican Party of Virginia.

Norm Leahy,columnist with The Washington Post, joins me for the “Shouting Along the James” segment. We address the opening hours of the reconvene (aka “Veto”) session of the General Assembly taking place under the big top for the House of Delegates and in the Science Museum for the State Senate. Norm also brings up some new points to consider on our state budget.

From the interview with Scott Lingamfelter:

“They [Democrats] are pursuing an agenda and that’s where I am concerned about our rights. In other words, Jim, it’s not so much the COVID-19 situation that is a threat to our rights, in particular. It’s putting people in charge of your government who are a threat to your rights in any condition –whether it’s COVID-19 or any other situation.”

During the interview with Scott, he and I discuss:

  • Using time at home to the fullest, if you are at home. Doing things of value.
  • Why his book, “Desert Redleg” is an important read.
  • Why artillery matters.
  • The need for everyone to keep a daily log/diary/journals.
  • How his work as a Foreign Area Officer on the Middle East Desk was key to his service during the First Gulf War and context for the book.
  • Despite neither Congress nor the president declaring the Gulf War actually over, discussing its importance. Understanding the context of this particular conflict, and its significance.
  • The concern by Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf about press coverage during OIF to ruin the operational plan.
  • His view of the 2020 General Assembly Session: “Virginia got what it voted for.”
  • Ideas for getting the GOP back on track.
  • How to deal with outside state money that targets Virginia’s elections. The notable absence of “Faith, Family, and Freedom” money to counter the progressive agenda.
  • The impact of party schisms and how to unify.
  • Why reading “The Federalist” is a good start to understanding conservatism.
  • How GOP policies help an average voter’s life. Craft and take the message to the field – to all demographics.
  • That the optics of holding the Veto Session of the General Assembly are secondary to what they actually do, including action (or lack thereof) on the budget.
  • His prescription to “focus the resources of Virginia to untie and unleash the economy” and his concern with “agenda-driven political spending” in the era of COVID-19.
  • The governor’s approach to civil liberties and economic freedom during COVID-19.
  • The fundamental objectives of government (protection of rights and individual safety – finding the balance).
  • The need for a phased approach to decision making.
  • Moving forward the next six to nine months.


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