Daniel Gade

Daniel Gade joins the podcast to discuss his campaign for U.S. Senate. Gade, a scholar, professor, war veteran, public servant, father, and more is seeking the Republican nomination to take on two-term U.S. Sen. Mark Warner (D).

Gade, who was seriously injured in Ramadi, Iraq, has served in both the Bush and Trump administrations, but the North Dakota native and professor at American University thinks now is the time to retire Virginia’s senior senator.

“In the particular case of Mark Warner – he’s not a good Senator – he’s not good at that work…He doesn’t ever propose bills; he doesn’t ever do anything for the people of Virginia. He likes the title. What is a rich man going to do when he’s gotten his money? In this case, what this particular rich man is going to do, is to try to get titles and that’s what he’s done; he’s gotten himself the title of ‘senator.’”

In the podcast, we discuss:

  • His background, injury, and the role of faith
  • Why run for Senate now? Why against Mark Warner?
  • U.S. Government Checks and Balances and his view on the War Powers Act
  • The Second Amendment and Gun Control
  • Trying to get his message out with President Donald Trump’s Twitter feed at full volume
  • “Investing” $2 trillion to stimulate the economy
  • Legislation he will propose first if elected: The “SIT” Act.

Before speaking with Gade, Norm Leahy, columnist with The Washington Post, joins me to review the week’s current events, including:

  • Gov. Ralph Northam pumping the brakes on the state budget and extending the business shutdown to May 8
  • Northam doing a victory lap on a host of progressive legislation signed into law, including new election laws designed to make voting easier and
  • The three Republican U.S. Senate candidates certified to be on the primary ballot.


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Author: jrhoeft