Liz Mair

Norm Leahy and J.R. Hoeft on…

  • Face Masks and Civil Liberty
  • The necessity of a new State budget
  • Moving local elections scheduled for May to November and bumping the primaries to June 23

In J.R.’s interview with Liz…

  • The objective of communications: not to make yourself the story!
  • What took her from practicing debt financing law in England to working on RNC digital efforts in 2008 and why five-year plans are nice, but not always necessary.
  • The influence of David Gough on getting her into working in conservative politics.
  • How she ended up on the right, despite some significant influences from the left when growing up. The influence of 1978-79 on British political history. Council houses and property rights. Scottish nationalism. Seattle and free trade. Intellectual property.
  • What does it mean to have a “political home”? Do party members always have to agree? The importance of “showing up” and how breaking with a party is an abdication of being able to influence it.
  • Because she doesn’t have complete orthodox GOP/pro-Trump views, does she feel the Nunes lawsuit is retribution?
  • Surveillance, FISA Court, and civil liberties.
  • Why it’s unique that the lawsuit against her is being brought in Virginia and what it means to the First Amendment and our Constitution.
  • Why include Twitter and McClatchy News in the lawsuit?
  • The importance and fundamentals of the first amendment and how this suit might affect future rulings:
  • The Virginia General Assembly beginning to act on strategic lawsuits against public participation and how the commonwealth has a chance to lead again.
  • How COVID-19 has impacted the progress of the lawsuit and how it has affected her business and personally.

Quoted from the References:

“But Twitter, while they do have rules for what users are allowed to post, should not have a quasi-judicial role forced upon it. It is not for Twitter to go through the detailed analysis of determining when and if defamatory statements are made. It is for Twitter to do its best to adhere to its own standards in a neutral fashion. We should not scare online platforms out of existence for fear of lawsuits.” – Jessica Levinson, professor and the director of the Public Service Institute at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles


  • Hashing It Out Podcast – The Washington Times
  • What GOP Rep. Devin Nunes’ Twitter defamation lawsuit says about the future of defamation law – Jessica Levinson, professor at Loyola Law School
  • Devin Nunes, Johnny Depp lawsuits seen as threats to free speech and press – The Washington Post
  • House Bill No. 759
  • Mair Strategies, LLC
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