Luria gets baited; uses profanity to raise money

It was just a matter of time before profanity laced emails from elected officials would become the norm. I guess today was the day.

Virginia’s Second District Congresswoman Elaine Luria decided to deride the president’s loose tweets as, “shit”.

“I want to make this abundantly clear: Our Democratic majority in the House is the only defense we have against the crazy shit Donald Trump tweets out everyday.”

Forgetting the fact how disrespectful this is to the office of the presidency, I do realize that this is, of course, a fundraising email meant to garner a reaction and separate the would-be donor from their hard-earned cash. However, it seems, thanks to social media, the president, and a continuously more caustic society that the bar to get that reaction is ever-raised.

Obviously, Ms. Luria, has bought into this tone hook, line, and sinker. Instead of elevating the conversation, she’s right there in the mud too.

I don’t really blame her sentiment. The president’s tweets often leave me shaking my head too. It’s just a shame she isn’t bothering to rise above the fray and lead by example as she claimed she would during her campaign.