SATJ: Virginia in Crisis — and Tax…Cuts?

It’s been quite the two weeks since Norm Leahy and J.R. Hoeft got together for their last podcast. Scandal has rocked the Commonwealth, as well as a rare outbreak of bipartisan governance.

In this podcast, we discuss:

  • The hypocrisy of the left/Virginia embroiled in scandal
  • Race relations in Virginia/”400 Years of Slavery”
  • Tax conformity/budget plan

Links of Note:
Leahy: The inertia behind Virginia’s many scandals
Hoeft: Virginia’s Democratic Leadership – Nothing But a Jenga Tower
House and Senate Overwhelmingly Approve $1 Billion Tax Relief Package (Virginia House GOP Caucus)
“Northam referenced the state’s 400 years of slavery in his interview with Gayle King on CBS’ ‘Face the Nation,’ and referred to enslaved Africans as “indentured servants from Africa.”

“‘Also known as slavery,’ King interjected.” (CNN)
Bipartisan group calls on Virginians to focus on history of slavery and civil rights in ‘Year of Reconciliation and Civility’ resolution (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
Suffolk DA ‘Ready’ to Investigate Fairfax Sexual Assault Allegations (National Review)