SATJ: Great Smirks Through History

The Covington High School Student v. Native American veteran story has been covered ad nauseum by the media, so Norm and I have a different take: analyzing the greatest smirks in modern history. (see National Review for more coverage)

(The Washington portrait mentioned by Norm in the podcast)

Of course, there is a General Assembly session approaching crossover, so we discuss what we have learned thus far.

And, we wrap up with Virginia’s annual homage to Messrs. Lee and Jackson. And why it’s a part of our history, but not worthy of its own annual slice.

Links of note:
Read Norm’s Column
Read my take on Lee-Jackson from a decade ago
Del. Margaret Ransone’s speech to girls regarding the ERA:

State Sen. Amanda Chase on Fox News regarding open carry empowering women:

Shout out:
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