Brian Cannon, One Virginia 2021

We just learned of breaking news today on redistricting:

Today the Supreme Court rejected a request by Virginia legislators to put lower-court proceedings in a case challenging the legislative districts drawn for the state’s House of Delegates as the product of unconstitutional racial gerrymandering – that is, the idea that legislators relied too much on race when drawing the maps — on hold until the justices rule on the case. Today’s order means that a federal district court’s efforts to create a new map, with the assistance of a voting-rights expert appointed by the court, for the state’s elections in November can move forward, even as the Supreme Court prepares to hear oral argument and eventually issue a decision that could prompt changes in that map.

So, take that, legislators. All the work done from the 2010 Census is for naught.

That puts into context my first guest of 2019 – and probably the most important political issue that will be decided this year – Brian Cannon of One Virginia 2021.

Cannon’s group is trying to get the first reading of a proposed state Constitutional Amendment to pass this legislative session so that it could potentially become law for drawing the next set of lines from the results of the 2020 Census.

With a diverse and bipartisan group of proponents on his side (including former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Virginia Constitution Drafter A.E. Dick Howard), Brian thinks that this is the crucial year for this amendment and he thinks that it stands a great chance of passing the GA. He explains why.

I will warn you – this podcast is for wonks and We do a serious deep dive into this topic. If you get into this stuff, which, if you’re listening to this show I’m sure that you do, you’re going to love this episode.

For those interested, I think this bill (HJ 615) submitted by Del. Mark Cole might be the one to watch.

A message from Jerry Mandering:

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