Pay Now or Pay Later – But Vote Smart

This week on Shoutin’ Along The James, Norm & I talk about the responsibility of voting, the need to take entitlement reform seriously, putting capitalism into practice (and how professional sports places serious limits on the free market), and a warning from Norm.

Topics discussed:

You Get the Government You Deserve (Hoeft)

From recent congressional debates in the 5th and 6th Districts, they all agreed the national debt and deficit were exploding, and the federal government needed to get a grip on it..but none of the candidates supported making cuts to Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid as sources of where to trim spending.

Norm says that to rail against deficits, blame tax cuts, foreign aid, the costs of being a global superpower…it’s all fine points of argument. But then don’t turn around and say no changes in entitlements. Which brings us to this: Cuts are necessary. They will be painful. No one will be happy. The alternative? A debt crisis that would enforce even more pain, on even more people, much faster:

National Debt Solutions Will Be Painful (National Review)

Our final topic has me concerned that the Roanoke Times has forgotten what made America an economic powerhouse – mobility and the stark realization that failure is an option:

Editorial: Economic Lessons from the World Series (Roanoke Times)

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