Disavowing the GOP, David Ramadan still supports Barbara Comstock

David Ramadan is a businessman, professor of government at George Mason University, a proud American immigrant, and widely popular influencer in Northern Virginia. He is probably one of the best advocates for Congresswoman Barbara Comstock as we head down the homestretch for her reelection.

Ramadan, a strong conservative voice, knows full well the challenges of that area but right now considers himself to be a man without a tribe – his words. From the president making derogatory comments on Twitter directed at Stormy Daniels to RPV banning Ramadan on social media, he finds the GOP brand to be adrift. But he is fiercely loyal to Comstock and knows she’s the best to represent her district, despite Democrats labeling him as an Uncle Tom.

Perhaps more than any other race, this one reflects the atmosphere of DC and Comstock, fairly or unfairly, has the challenge of running her campaign on her own merits and not that of other actors.

On the show, Ramadan explains why Comstock should return to Capitol Hill, how the national political conversation impacts Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, and what we’re learning from the existing polling in the race. He also laments the current tone at the national and state level and is disappointed that some Republicans (President Donald Trump, Republican Party of Virginia) seem to not know how to just “take the win.”

Specifically, on this show we discuss:

– His decision to not seek re-election to the House of Delegates
– His views on Medicaid Expansion in Virginia
– Stormy Daniels v. Donald Trump Twitter War
– The Republican Party of Virginia blocking him on social media
Comstock’s congressional record:
* Preventing a Federal employee pay freeze or government shutdown and advocating for a pay-raise
* Combatting Opioid and Drug Addiction
* Women’s Rights (not just rhetoric)
* Immigration
– Elizabeth Warren’s claim to be Native American. Does it diminish the importance of diversity?

From the Facebook J.R. Hoeft Conversation Group Page, a question from Adam Perry: How much is the national political climate impacting the election? Does Democrat behavior regarding Kavanaugh hearings turn off enough voters to Wexton?

Delegate Ramadan
@DavidIRamadan (Twitter)
Wason Center Notes on 10th District Race
VA-10 Polling via Real Clear Politics
Neck-and-Neck Race in Virginia’s 10th District, Comstock Poll Shows (Roll Call)

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