Luria Leads Taylor in Internal Poll; Republican Enthusiasm Depressed

Do you sometimes know exactly the right way to do things but take the shortcut anyway? Such as it was this week with the “Shouting Along the James” podcast with Norm Leahy and myself.

Prior to the beginning of any recording, I should, ideally, test whether or not my third-party app, MP3 Skype Recorder, is connected to the latest Skype version by placing a test call to my cell phone and ensuring the call is recorded.

This week, about ten minutes prior to record time, I chose to restart my computer. Although there was no alert or pop-up screen warning, it was clear during the restart that the machine was processing something. When the restart was completed, with just a few seconds to spare, I opened Skype (MP3 Skype Recorder opens automatically). I also opened the several windows for the articles you’ll see below in the show notes.

I called Norm, we did the show, but what I failed to notice was that the small alert window that pops up on the taskbar when recording apparently never started.

So, all this is a long explanation for a couple points:

1) There is no audio this week. I could share with you my voice, but a monologue when it’s a dialogue just sounds weird.
2) There are never any shortcuts. To mitigate risk, always follow the established procedure (even if you established it). It’s there for a reason!

As for what happened – Skype was what updated and I needed the latest update of MP3 Skype Recorder, which I have since downloaded. Now, after testing, I know everything is working.

Depressed Republicans in the 2nd?

As for what Norm and I discussed, he spoke about his latest column on the Taylor-Luria race. He corresponded with Dr. Quentin Kidd of Christopher Newport University about the race and Kidd mentioned that Taylor should be considered about Republican enthusiasm in the race. As we have mentioned here before, the Trump supporters were already going to struggle to hold their noses going to the polls after the tough primary fight with Mary Jones. Now, Taylor has alienated some other Republicans who see him as certainly crossing an ethical line. Read all of Norm’s column at The Washington Post.

On the subject of Trump voters, Norm also relayed this interesting nugget from Bloomberg:

Internal RNC Poll: Complacent Trump Voters May Cost GOP Control of Congress
” A private survey shows many Republican voters “don’t believe there is anything at stake” in the midterm elections.”

Either way, it doesn’t look good for Taylor.

The Macker in Iowa

Also on the show, we thought it was interesting to see that former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe is making the rounds in Iowa, South Carolina, and New Hampshire as well as nearly 20 other U.S. States. Of course, the governor demurs that he’s running for president, choosing to keep us all in suspense until the first quarter of 2019.

“I don’t rule anything out,” McAuliffe said, though insisting his focus would remain on 2018 until after the election. “Then you have to make some decisions through the end of the year and into the first quarter of next year.”

He’s running, but so are many other Democrats. And are Democrats ultimately over the Clintons?

Reporters Fighting Back

Finally, we spoke about how The Daily Press and Virginian-Pilot newsrooms have formed a union called “The Tidewater Media Guild” to check the corporate enthusiasms of new owner Tronc, Inc.

The union, known as the Tidewater Media Guild, represents more than 100 journalists at those papers as well as The Virginia Gazette and Tidewater Review.

Workers organized after Tronc acquired the Norfolk paper earlier this year, raising concerns about consolidation efforts and potential layoffs.

Guild officials say more than 83 percent of eligible newsroom employees signed cards authorizing the union.

Our general take is that this is a reasonable response by reporters who are seeing their jobs slashed repeatedly. But what they should also be concerned with is whether or not Tronc is even going to exist as a company in the foreseeable future.

We’ll be back next week. Provided I follow my own procedure!

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