Jason Bedrick

Jason Bedrick is Director of Policy for EdChoice, a non-profit that educates and advocates about School Choice initiatives.

As kids get ready to head back to school, Bedrick explains what options parents have, why school choice is important, and current initiatives in Virginia.

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In this podcast, we discuss:
– The current school system and where it was developed
– Who is Jason Bedrick and why did he decide that working in education and advocating for school choice was his vocation
– Does the government have to run the schools? How Milton Friedman influenced his ideas.
– The link between housing and education
– Educational choice and preparing the next generation for the workforce and industry
– “College for all” and students who might be better off in trade schools
– Vouchers, Tax Credits and Education Savings Accounts
– State, Local, and Federal Funding for district schools
– Do educational choice programs undermine public education?
– Is educational choice a political issue? How is EdChoice reaching out to all political parties regarding their initiatives?
– Are there any reasons unions should oppose school choice? What does the evidence show?
– Are parents getting the information they need to make good choices on education?
– What is the Virginia Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credit? Who is responsible for communicating options like this?
– What is the current state of school choice and what is its future?

Links of note:
Jason Bedrick’s Bio
School Choice in Virginia
Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credits Program

HB 1605 Virginia Parental Choice Education Savings Accounts; established, report. (2017 General Assembly; Del. Dave LaRock; Vetoed by Gov. Terry McAuliffe)
Editorial: Virginia should follow Arizona’s lead on school choice

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