Ep. 2 – TBD – A Healthy Addiction to Social Media, Pipelines and Wind Farms, and Virginia Republicans

Norm Leahy and I discuss this week’s current events that are impacting Virginia Politics:

– Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality gets validation from a federal appeals court on its water quality impact study for the Mountain Valley Pipeline (Roanoke Times)
– Virginia’s Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy outsources to BVG Associates to develop wind farms offshore (Governor’s News Release)
– Governor Northam is talking opioid crisis to medical schools throughout Virginia in what he calls the “Grand Rounds” (Governor’s News Release)
– Congressman Scott Taylor is in a controversy over helping his 2016 Democratic opponent, Shaun Brown – now on trial for fraud – make the November ballot as an independent (The Daily Press)
– Jack Wilson, a Chesterfield lawyer, is poised to be the next chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia; Chuck Smith isn’t really even being considered (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
– Norm discusses his latest column for The Washington Post: Fiddling While the Virginia GOP Burns

Mail Bag

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From David –

“Liberties Lighthouse” with a picture of the lighthouse. That would blend with your military heritage. And a beacon of hope which we so desperately need right now and for the Republican Party of Virginia!

From Jordan –

I think blacks and others that deal with police should look at it like they’re going to their doctor’s office under their own consent. They must listen to what the authority tells them to do or there will be side effects to your treatment. As people we agree to be under the care of the police and submit to the treatment of police.
More people die from medical errors than police shootings. We should trust our police more.

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