Ep. 1 – TBD: Trade, U.S. Senate Debate, Congressional Budgeting

In this inaugural episode of “TBD”, Norm Leahy and I discuss free trade, breaking news on a tariff deal with the E.U, and review the U.S. Senate debate between Senator Tim Kaine and Supervisor Corey Stewart.

We are later joined for the second half of the show by Rep. Rob Wittman, fresh off the House Floor, to talk about Congressional budgeting, trade, and the National Defense Authorization Act.

“The J.R. Hoeft Show” remains and will be the long-form¬†interview, but I have no idea what to name this new episode. Should we keep the same name? Help Norm and I name the show. Leave your suggestions in the comments!

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Latest polls from Real Clear Politics
Government Accountability Office Report on Navy Shipbuilding
Daily Press: Subs, carriers, and construction in Defense blueprint

ICYMI – U.S. Senate Debate:

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