Matthew Klepeisz, Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

On the podcast this week is Matt Klepeisz, Public Relations Manager for the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center. With more than 10,000 animals to speak for, Matt’s days are typically far from dull – or predictable. On the show we discuss:

– The aquarium
– It’s mission and research
– Programs and events
– Transporting Harbor Seals to Florida and Back
– How Matt got involved in PR
– Learning Communications and Marketing at Virginia Tech
– Why Loggerhead Turtles are Cool
– Coral Reproduction
– What Mermaids and Beer have in common

And much more!

Links of note:

Rehabbed sea turtles released in Va. Beach and OBX
Virginia Tech Department of Communication
Downtown Roanoke Inc.
Meet New Member: Matt Klepeisz (PRSA Hampton Roads)

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