E.W. Jackson

“I think that I allowed myself to be caricatured as a person who hates gays and lesbians and transgender people…and I was asked about some of the comments I made during my sermons and so forth and during interviews on Christian media and did I regret any of those. Well, now, I have had five years to think about that answer; to think about those comments. And, yes, I do regret some of those comments. And I regret them not because my convictions have changed. I’m a Bible-believing Christian. I believe about marriage what the Bible says. I believe about sexual morality what the Bible says. However, I also believe what it says about loving people. And I don’t think we ever ought to talk in a way that demeans people; that disrespects them; that makes them feel threatened or feel like you view them as less than human. That was a mistake on my part; I’m not going to make that same mistake again.”

E.W. Jackson is known for his exceptional ability to motivate and inspire. In this podcast, we talk about his own motivations to become Virginia’s next U.S. Senator.

We cover:

– How does he feel seeing Ralph Northam as governor when he had the chance to compete against him for the office of lieutenant governor in 2013?
– Growing up in Chester, PA as a foster child and then the later influence of his father.
– Role models in America today. Do we have a sufficient number in order to be able to preserve a society based on personal responsibility and civic virtue?
– What he learned as a Marine.
– How he grew from his education at the University of Massachusetts and Harvard.
– How he found home in Virginia.
– His speech this past Sunday in Charlottesville on race.
– Government’s role with respect to symbols of the Confederacy.
– Does he feel the Democratic Party is stoking the fires of racism for political gain and can divisiveness on race be overcome in the political arena? How does he feel his Republican opponents have handled the issue of race in their campaigns?
– How does he feel about the administration of President Donald Trump? Has it been successful? How would he act as a senator towards this administration both in working with them and holding them accountable?
– What does an EW Jackson for Senate campaign look like going against Senator Tim Kaine?
– His views on the Senate cloture rule to end debate being set at 60 votes.
– What he would like to see as his primary accomplishment over the course of six years as a U.S. senator.
– Words of wisdom.

For more information:

E.W. Jackson for Senate
At local stop, Jackson says race being used to tear country apart (Daily Progress)
GOP’s Nick Freitas says at Liberty University debate that Corey Stewart’s camp attacked his ethnicity (Richmond Times-Dispatch

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