Matt Hamel and Susan Vitale, Chesapeake City Council Candidates

Matt Hamel and Susan Vitale are military veterans seeking to take their decades of public service to the Chesapeake City Council Chambers. In a first for the show – a video podcast – they stop by J.R.’s kitchen to introduce themselves, talk about their background, and their campaigns. Even though the interview is relaxed and informal, lots of excellent info about the city and the challenges facing the community are tackled: From transportation, growth, economic development, education, safety, regional partnerships, and more!

The election is May 1 and if you want to get to know the candidates, this is a great opportunity to do so.

Links of note:

Matt Hamel for Chesapeake
Susan Vitale for City Council
City of Chesapeake Proposed Budget and Capital Improvement Program
City of Chesapeake Comprehensive Plan 20135