Navy Training and the Environment

In order to fight and win our nation’s battles at sea, the U.S. Navy has to prepare. And they do so at sea with effective and realistic training. This means putting the ship through its paces from bow to stern, including firing its weapons and using its detection systems.

While this training is 100% required, what the Navy also does is mitigate any hazards to the environment and marine life by complying with regulation, partnering with government agencies, conducting research, recycling, and performing other measures.

Joining J.R. on the podcast to talk aobut the Navy’s proactive measures at protecting the environment are U.S. Fleet Forces Command’s (USFF) Jene Nissen, Acoustics Policy Manager, and Ted Brown, Public Affairs Officer for Installations, Environment and Energy issues. USFF is the Navy’s top command for manning, training, and equipping the fleet for naval, joint, and combined operations that are in our national security interests.

Nissen is a former Navy Surface Warfare Officer with more than twenty years of service. He has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a M.S. in Applied Science (underwater acoustics). Brown served in the fleet for 24 years and has 15 years of civil service along with a B.S. and MBA.

Links of note:

U.S. Fleet Forces Command
Atlantic Fleet Training and Testing
Fleet Installations and Environmental Readiness
Facebook: U.S. Navy Stewards of the Sea
Stewards of the Sea Exhibit at Nauticus in Norfolk, VA
Department of the Navy: Energy, Environment, and Climate Change – OPNAV N45

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