Christopher West, Conservatives for Clean Energy – Virginia

If you were to listen to the debate on energy, you would think that conservatives are against renewable energy by the arguments made by some liberal proponents. In this podcast, Christopher West, Executive Director of Conservatives for Clean Energy – Virginia, explains why that is very much a misconception.

Chris describes what CCE is, the majority conservative opinion on clean energy, the “all of the above” strategy, ongoing renewable activities in Virginia and how the free market is demanding renewable energy product, how clean energy should be perceived as an investment and new technology, job growth through supporting clean energy initiatives, the latest legislation passed by the General Assembly, and more!

“Our group supports the ‘all of the above’ approach – we just want Republican legislators and leaders in our commonwealth to not just say that they support an ‘all of the above’ approach but when it comes to policies and legislation to really go to wind and solar and really help grow that in the commonwealth.”

Links of note:

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Energy Information Administration
ROANOKE TIMES EDITORIAL: Virginia shows the changing politics of solar

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