State Senator Ryan McDougle

J.R.: “So, we’re in the last week. Heading into the homestretch! How do you feel about it?”
Sen. McDougle: “I am not yet convinced it’s the last week.”
J.R.: “Uh-oh.”

So began this week’s podcast with Senate Republican Caucus Chair Ryan McDougle to talk about a whole array of things related to the long session of the General Assembly. By his prediction, it might just go a little longer.

The gap between the House and Senate Budgets- S850 million – is no trivial matter. And getting the conferees to agree is not going to be an easy task. McDougle gives the reasons why.

Also in this podcast we talk about the governor’s threat of a Medicaid expansion amendment, Senate health care insurance proposals, Opioid addiction reforms, the felony larceny threshold, the electrical grid/rate plan, and his wireless initiative.

Show notes:

Northam threatens (nicely) to use amendment to muscle in Medicaid
Senate Republican Initiatives To Lower Cost Of Healthcare And Health Insurance Headed To Governor Northam
Opinion/Editorial: Mental hospitals lose so Medicaid can win?
Legislation Inspired by Opioid Crisis Headed to Governor’s Desk
Virginia Democrats, Republicans Reach Deal on Criminal Justice Reform
“It is unjust that a theft of something like a pair of shoes or a phone could send someone to prison with a felony conviction on their record for life,” – Northam
With Few Remaining Detractors, Bill Overhauling Utility Regulation Advances
HB 1258 Wireless communications infrastructure; zoning

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