Dr. Alice Louise Kassens on the Health of the Virginia Economy

As Christmas quickly approaches the question on everyone’s mind is obviously the state of the Virginia economy!

Ok…maybe not. Perhaps that’s just me. But making the dismal science a little less dismal is Dr. Alice Louise Kassens, senior analyst for the Institue for Policy and Opinion Research at Roanoke College.

In this podcast, Kassens explains not only the important elements of Virginia’s economy, which includes consumer sentiment and the real estate markets, but we also discuss the labor market and consumer price index. However, the big question is whether or not consumer spending is going to increase this holiday season? I also ask her why this is important.

Additionally, and this shouldn’t be a big surprise, but consumer behavior is actually tied to politics. Kassens explains why and how it’s been tracking.

I also ask her about the federal tax cut legislation and whether the concern should be about increasing debt or growing the country’s GDP.

That said, it’s not just all about the economy. Kassens describes her interest in economics, the path she took to becoming a professor, the growth of studying the social sciences in Virginia, and her enjoyment of running and blogging. And we try to answer the incredibly pressing question of whether the subject is pronounced “ee-conomics” or “eh-conomics”.

Links of Note:
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RC Poll: Consumer Sentiment reverses year long slide
University of Michigan Survey of Consumers
RC Poll: Real Estate Markets Continue Retreat, Inventories Continue to Fall
Virginia Economy at a Glance (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Consumer Price Index

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