Advancing Technology in Virginia with Gabe Venturi and Wayne Ozmore

From artificial intelligence to drones, broadband to wifi, workforce development to public safety, and much more, Gabe Venturi and Wayne Ozmore come on the show to talk about the current state of technology in Virginia, how it’s advancing, and some things to consider.

Ozmore is a technology advocate, futurist, and Navy Vet. Venturi is the chief commercial officer of Inmarsat Government and has spent about twenty consecutive years working for technology and telecommunication companies in Virginia.

Technology is such a huge topic, but we wanted to get the conversation started. Here are just some of the topics we cover this podcast:

  • What do we need to do to be leaders in technology development? “We’ve been at this for decades,” says Venturi and he goes further to discuss the current state of Virginia technology and the opportunities for growth.
  • As technology advances with the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, neural programming, drones – is Virginia’s law enforcement, education, government, and business community keeping pace with the developments? Are these communities not only understanding the benefits of implementing the technology in their organizations but how their organizations will also evolve (like teaching technology, enforcing cybersecurity, maintaining rights and privacy, etc.)?
  • What is going on with “The Skills Gap” where we have many technical jobs available, but certification levels are low? How is that remedied? Will soft skills remain important in the new economy? What is happening with workforce development in Virginia and who is leading the charge?
  • What is the Internet of Things? Is there value of objects being connected or connected to the Internet?
  • What is the importance of the connectivity and what is the likelihood that broadband will expand to rural Virginia? What about the lack of a wireless signal in certain pockets of Virginia? “Unless we have leadership, it isn’t going to happen,” said Ozmore. The Tobacco Commission, Del. Danny Marshall, and Senator Frank Ruff are expected to play key roles.
  • Is there politics associated with broadband expansion? What does it mean to be technology agnostic?
  • What should be our concerns regarding personally identifiable information (PII) and what things can we individually do to protect our identity?
  • How is drone technology advancing in Virginia? How is Virginia leading in workforce development at repair and manufacturing of drones and what is the “highways in the sky” program?
  • What types of drones are out there and where are they being built? What are some of their functions? How will humans possibly use them for transportation? Will there be something like a taxi service?
  • Also, what about drone piloting and licensure schools?
  • Finally, Gabe and Wayne also make some predictions for what might be in store for us by 2025.

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