Rev. Mark Nieting on the Reformation and Luther’s Legacy

Reverend Mark Nieting has been a Lutheran educator and pastor for four decades. He joins J.R. to explain the importance of Martin Luther and the ideas and reforms put into motion 500 years ago.

On Oct. 31, 1517, Luther posted a series of discussion points on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg just prior to the major festival of All Saints Day – and not by chance. Luther did this for maximum exposure, knowing that many people would be coming to church the next day.

Luther’s ideas, while clearly spiritual, played a profound and lasting role that can still be felt to this day in government, education and literacy, economic freedom, and personal responsibility – which is exactly why we’re talking about it on a show known for its politics!

Rev. Nieting talks about who Luther was and his lifelong quest of trying to “find peace with God.”

This pursuit led the reformer to not only find his answer in scripture but unleash ideas that would bring about societal change, particularly those ideas which gradually eroded the Medieval feudal systems that were in place.

Through the good fortune of provincial protection, a strong network of allies, the arrival of the printing press, and time to devote to his translation of the Bible from Latin to German, Luther’s lasting legacy is not only evident in Protestant Christianity across the world, but in our systems of government.

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